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Ankhs and Orbs

Some variations on the Egyptian symbol for eternal life that was adopted by the Greek philosophers to represent copper. 

    'Oldest Profession is metallurgy'. In his presidential address to The Institute of Metals some years ago, Dr Eric Duckworth referred to Greek mythology.  He reminded us that Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, first appeared rising out of the sea off the Island of Cyprus.  As she rose, she was holding a shiny copper mirror and admiring her image.  Obviously the mirror had been made by metallurgists before she appeared.   Therefore, he mused, metallurgy must be the oldest of the professions.
    Copper Development Association, U.K.
    Procobre, Peru

  Benham & Froude  

Their trade mark orb logo was inspired by the orb that they had made for the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral, London which could be seen from the workshops.  It also looks like an inverted ankh so is doubly suitable.

    Copper Promotion Centre - Hungary (HCPPC)
    Indian Copper Development Centre
  Polish Copper Centre etched souvenir ankh button.
     Istituto Italiano del Rame – Italy
    Grilby Metallfabrik, Grilby, Sweden
     Roycroft, USA  
  Japan Copper Development Association
  Copper Development Centre - SE Asia

Vivienne Westwood, mark on brass cufflinks

    Rhodesian coppersmith 
    Rhodesian Copper

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