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Hugh Wallis
E V Wilkes

    Marks X, Y & Z - see :- Marks XYZ
    W and G mark with symbol of blacksmiths hammer.  Unknown mark found under a spirit kettle.
     J W & S    Unknown mark found on the edge of a domestic copper copper - possible answer from Neil Harris.   'Jesse Webb was a coppersmith in Ancoats, Manchester. Jesse Webb started in partnership with a Francis Smith, forming "Smith & Webb" in the 1840s. He later hooked up with his brother-in-law and formed "Webb & Paterson". Then from the 1860s he went it alone, at Store Street in Ancoats. I am not aware if there was a company name at this point, but his sons Jesse (b1845) and Thomas (b1848) were also coppersmiths. It is possible that they went under the name of Jesse Webb & Sons (JW & S) from the late 1860s till Jesse's death in 1872. The business ran until about 1916, and in later life was named "Store Street Copper Works" and "JT Webb" / "JT Webb & Co." We know they did pans, candlesticks for a local church, brass castings for Belle Vue Gardens, brewing equipment for Ancoats pubs, and much else as well.'  (Thanks to Neil Harris)
     Wafax (Wades of Halifax), mark on pancake copper hot water bottle. Wafax
  Christian Wagner, West Germany.  'This German company was run by my father and forefathers from 1524(!) until 1995.  The hammer inside the "W" is the traditional mark of the company.  Starting from coppersmith craftsmen, in the 1900's the company was transformed to an industrial enterprise, based in Esslingen am Neckar near Stuttgart in South Germany.
  Besides the traditional copperware, the company was famous for professional kitchenware of unique quality. In the 1990's, when more and more cheap kitchenware from far east came onto the market, this company had to give up, as so many other traditional brands and companies.  The picture shows Christian Wagner, who was coppersmith in the 19th century and gave the company its name.' (ack: Reinhard Wagner)  See also:  German Copper
     B Waldow, Brooklyn, N.Y., cookware manufacturers, now Hammersmith Copper of 40, Park Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206. (ack:  Jeff Herkes).

Now Brooklyn Kitchen, (was 616, Lorimer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211, now 100 Frost St. NY 11211  USA)

Brooklyn Kitchen

    Philip B Waldron Co Ltd, King's Road, Tyseley, Birmingham, first listed in Kelly 1944; also in 1946 & 1948. Brand Name of ‘Dron Wal’. (Notes and photo from Adrian Lanchester-Hale.)

    Walker, London, makers of bell gauges for measuring knitting needles.  They were amongst some who used an archer in their trade mark.
    Walker and Hall, 9-15 Howard Street, Sheffield, Est. 1845 and made EPNS and electro-bronzed flatware and tableware. The 'Flag' trademark was registered in 1861.  In 1963 Walker & Hall combined with Mappin & Webb and Elkington to form British Silverware Ltd., which lasted until 1971. Walker & Hall was later revived as a retail firm.
    Joseph Walker & Co., Regent Parade, Birmingham, by 1923 at Augusta Works, Warstone Lane, Birmingham, brassfounders, castings, syringes, stampings, trivets and plate stands,  door curtain portieres, lock furniture, JW/B trademark.  This design was registered in 1908.    
    This raised mark on a cast trivet, similar marks are found under their candlesticks.    
    Mark stamped into a nickel-plated brass coin holder.
  Hugh Wallis, coppersmith (1871-1944) Hugh Wallis
    Fred Walton & Co., Wolverhampton,  mainly concerned with japanned wares until 1883 when they were taken over by John Marston.   This mark is under a brass jug of a circular shape that was also marketed by Orme Evans after they had taken over John Marston.
   T B,  Bridgwater, brassfoundry for skillets., etc, 18th century.     Photo to come
  Clive Waters, brassfounder in Birmingham until c1910.  The mark is on the underside of a superbly cast brass card tray that also carries the 1897 Design Registration number of 327976.
  J. Y. Watkins & Son, 16, Catharine Street, New York. Copper cooking pan.  (Thanks to John Mason of Lexington, Ky.)
James Y Watkins & Son 16 Catherine Street are listed in the
1857 New York Business Directory . The son was James Y Jr.  At that time they were tinware manufacturers and importers and dealers in hardware, Britannia ware, cutlery, tea trays &c.  (Thanks to Pat Dolan)


   Weba, Webaware, Trade Marks of  Gomm Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 56 Hockley Hill, Birmingham B 18.  see:    Marks G
    Weeda, Tasmania, Australia.   Photo to come
    Weidlich Brothers Mfg. Company, Bridgeport, Connecticut.  During the early 1900's, they made art metalware, frequently gilded. 
    Wellens Ware mid 20th century hand wrought trays.  More information welcome.   
   WB - West Bend Co., Wisconsin started making products in aluminium in 1911 but introduced products made of copper in 1933 to help them survive the depression.   Now owned by Focus Products Group.  This 'WB' mark found under a copper kettle.

    L.W. mark of Louis Wiener, inventor of a patented coffee percolator with an 1898 design registration and patent number.  This item was made by F & R Fischer.   (Thanks to Alastair Lamont)
  Whitechapel Bell Foundry, London.  This is one of the many marks used since the foundry was established in 1570.


  Charles H Whittle of Church Street, Lancaster.  Mark under a small brass pot.
  Wigorn Crafts Ltd, making reproduction copperware 1976-1997, subsidiary of Kingsley Enamels Limited, The Craft Centre, Shaw Lane, Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove. UK Trademark No 1057797, filed 22nd Jan 1976, expired 24th July 1997 after which the company set up Moorcroft Enamels and moved to Sandbach Road, Stoke on Trent.  Incidentally the word  'Wigorn' is short for 'Wigorniensis' derived from Latin meaning 'of Worcester'.
  This mark under a kettle.
    Wilkes, Edward Villers and Lee and Wilkes and John Wilkes and Mapplebeck.  extra page: E V Wilkes
  C. E. Wilkins, Bartholomew Row, Birmingham.  This mark found on a large brass jug and also under a brass promotional pressed brass ash tray. 
    Williams Bros & Co. of River St., Deritend, Birmingham, brassfoundry and fittings. Their Trade Mark was the dagger with their 'WB' initials across the bar seen to the right of the illustration from the base of a candlestick.  Founded pre-1894, they later became part of Williams Brothers and Piggott Ltd. of Midland Tube Mills and Brassfoundry, Herbert Road,  Small Heath, Birmingham, brassfoundry specialists and shop display fittings.

    Willis and Bates, Vapalux Brand Lamp Makers S
     BW   unknown mark under a four pint hot water can.  Clive Greathurst identifies it as A Bratt & Sons of Wolverhampton.  Marks Br-Bz
  SW see Stanley Works, New Britain Connecticut.  Marks St-Sz
  This mark found under another pressed brass ashtray, possibly an earlier version.

 Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, High quality reproductions made from 1936, see Virginia Metalcrafters after 1951.

  Illustrations  Virginia Metalcrafters
  Wilton Metal Works Company, this mark found under a pair of die cast candlesticks.  Probably based in USA.  More details welcome.
    Winfield Bros. Ltd., 58 Tower St., Birmingham, metalworkers. (Kelly 1936)  
  R W Winfields , Winfields Rolling Mills Ltd,  founded in 1829 in Cambridge St. to Broad Street site in  Birmingham, now the site of the International Convention Centre.  Set up rolling mill in Icknield Port Road.  Manufactured of rolled metal, wire, gas fittings, brass foundry, lighting, beds, chandeliers and brass chains.  Exhibited at Great Exhibition 1851.  Manufacture of finished products ceased in 1900 but the rolling mill was taken over by ICI Metals Ltd. Records for 1824 to 1977 are at Birmingham City Archives. 

This mark is found on the leaves of a foliate lighting decoration.

  Charles Winn and Company Limited, Saint Thomas Works, Granville Street,  and Borad Street, Birmingham,  engineers and brassfounders.  Initially plumbers brass work, beer engines, gas and steam fittings.  Later they specialised in valves and fire-fighting equipment. This is mark under a well made heavy bowl with lid. 

This Winn mark is under a cast brass vase.  The registration number dates the design to 1908.  Registered Designs

    Winward & Co. Ltd., Bryant Street, Birmingham, B18 4BJ, metal spinnings and pressings, still in business making copper and brass decorative hollowware.
    J. Wippell & Co. Ltd of Exeter & London, a mark found under a pair of very elegant tall cast brass vases.  They still specialise in ecclesiastical supplies.
  The Witter family including Walter George Witter (1863-1928), Arthur Witter (1861-1940) and Marian Gaskell (1866-1935)  gave rise to 'The Ickleford Industries of Applied Art' c1904. In 1923 the copper and brass work was taken over by two of their apprentices, Francis Olney and Tom Newbury as 'Olney and Newbury Limited. The Witter Collection:

 WMF (Würtemburgische Machin Fabrik), founded c1850 and famous for art metalware, still making cookware.  A variety of marks have been used during their 150 years of production.


  Illustrations  WMF

  Wolverine Brass Works, founded in 1898 at Grand Rapids,  Michigan,  home of many copper craftsmen.  They make plumbing tube and fittings.  Now at: Wolverine Brass, Inc., 2951 Hwy. 501 E Conway, South Carolina, SC 29526
    Woodmet, England, paper label under a heavy cast dish.  More information welcome.
  F W & Co.  marking found on a copper jelly mould.  Possibly early F W Woolworth & Co. ?
    Wright & Butler, 390, New John St. W.  Birmingham, oil lamps.  By 1913 they had been taken over by Falk Veritas of London. Lamp Makers S_Z
       'JW' in a shield, John Wright, Ignis Works, Oxford Street, Birmingham, brass and iron fenders, fire irons and firedogs.  This mark on the blade of a Victorian fire iron set.  (Advert 1886 Ironmongers' Diary)
    WS unknown mark on base of hand made jug.  Information will be welcome.   
  Wümak - Wűrtembergische Metallmanufaktur Adolf Knecht G.m.b.H, established 1899. Cannstadt, Stuttgart, Germany.  They have specialised in paper oil filters for the automotive industry since 1933. German Copper

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