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Newlyn Copper


    Nader Factory, Tehran, Iran, coppersmiths.  The  logo is of a figurehead representing a mandarin with tall hat in a circle that also includes two fish and characters.  Other marks have the circle surrounded by 'Nader Factory, Tehran, Iran.  During the 1950s the Nader Factory made well detailed domestic copper wares. The hand hammered and incised work was called Ghalamzani. 
    F Narborough & Sons, 42, Lombard St., Birmingham, sticks, canes and electroplating.  This mark found on a button cleaning stick.  They used trade names such as 'Pioneer' and 'New Pioneer' from c1916 until after 1945.
    Nekrassoff, designer, USA
   ‘Neptune’ mark – see J. Sankey & Son


  Nesco, USA, manufacturer and retailer of domestic cookware.  It was formed as the National Enamelling and Stamping Company in 1899 in St. Louis, Missouri. (Thanks to Pat Dolan)
  Nestor, Birmingham, trademark of Harry J Pratt & Co Ltd, Nestor Works, Dean Street, Birmingham 5.  (c1950?) This mark found under a brass vase.  It is also found under brass 'Alligator' nutcrackers.
  This version of the mark found under a fruit bowl.
  Newey Bros. Limited, Birmingham,   manufacturers of buttons, hooks and eyes, hairpins and wireless accessories. Records from 1864 to 1934 are stored in Birmingham City Archives. Buttonmakers Birmingham

 Newlyn Copper    

Founded in 1890 as the Newlyn Industrial Class by John D McKenzie.

Illustrations    Newlyn Copper
  William Newman & Sons, Birmingham, est c1750, architectural brassfounders, later amalgamated with William Tonks & Co Ltd to form Newman Tonks.  This monogram found on a door closer.   William Tonks & Sons (WT&S)
  Newton Shakespeare & Co. Ltd., Garrison Street and Saltley Street, Birmingham from c1895 onwards. 'Garrison' Trade Mark.  Iron plate work, tin-plate workers, japanners, odd work and novelties.  Mark found on copper campaign and picnic kettles.
  Garrison and Globe Trademark found on a lock assembly. (courtesy Alan Brandon)
  NIBCO  Northern Indiana Brass Co.,  1516 Middlebury Street, Elkhart, Indiana. 46516. USA.  Founded in 1904,  NIBCO first invented the capillary soldered copper pipe fitting  in the 1930's. (Information from Tom Bush)
  Underside of a NIBCO promotional ashtray.

NM – unknown mark on copper chamberstick, more information welcome.


    NMK, Neues Münchner Kunstgewerbe, (New Munich Arts and Crafts) founded in 1919 by Alois Wörle, a gold and silversmith from Munich, Germany. (Thanks to Tom of (Photo by Elizabeth Nevin).
    Norseman Reproductions.

Robert Normansell Ltd, Exeter Street, Birmingham 1 , manufacturers of items similar to those made by Pearson Page Jewsbury Ltd. (later Peerage).  Most items not marked.

 Norseman Reproductions.
    'Northland' tree logo on a copper tray.   This mark was put on copper crafts hand made at Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin in the college craft shop. The craft shop was started in 1930 by Art Minar, his cousin Ludwig Dick and Eric Enblom and other associates. The college produced many lovely products until the 1950s. The themes and designs were from the north woods of Wisconsin where the college – and the source of copper – lay.  (information from Carol Minar).
  Nottingham Electroplating Co, Sherwood St, Nottingham , under a good copper tankard.
    Nottingham Copper Tankards
  Falick Novick emigrated to New York City from Russia in 1893 at the age of 15, then moved  to Chicago in 1907. He also worked at the Kalo Shop as a metal smith.

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