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      Shaw, John Shaw & Sons Ltd, Wolverhampton, used a 'Governor' Trade Mark and a 'J.S.S.' mark on their blowlamps and other items. See: 

 John Shaw & Sons Ltd.

This can be confused with the J Sankey & Sons Mark but they specialised in domestic jugs, trays and similar products.

Joseph Sankey & Son. (JS&S)

    S. H. S., this button one of a pair on a duplex lamp.  Samuel Heath & Sons, Birmingham. 

Samuel Heath & Co.

    Sherwoods Ltd., manufacturers of oil lamps and burners in Birmingham.  In 1904 they were trading as Sherwood Isaac & Son Ltd., but by 1920 they had taken over Linley & Co. of 73-75 Great Lister Street, ‘American’ pattern lamps to become Sherwood-Linley. Nechells Park Works, Eliot Street, Nechells then moved to 44-50, Granville St.  Sherwoods
  Thermidor Belge, sold in the UK by Midland Lamp Co.
    Lamp Makers A
     Tilley International plc., 30-32 High Street, Frimley, GU16 5JD.  Tilley was established in the early part of the 19th century. A family business that brought practical, low cost light and heating to the world. The X246 lanterns were first produced in 1946, at Brent Street in Hendon, London, and were then produced for over 40 years in  Belfast, Northern Ireland until the year 2000. The company today remains a family business, which continues to manufacture the 'Tilley Stormlight' in the South of England.
  At one time the company manufactured gas fittings and this is probably one of theirs since it bears the classic 'Owl' Trade Mark that featured on the front of their catalogues.  The design registration mark would be from 1903.
    Towson & Coxson, Alliance Works, Essington Street, Birmingham, gas fittings, Burmos stoves and blowlamps. BURMOS photo to follow
    Valor Co., Ltd., 67, 69-72 Church Street, Birmingham, stampers and piercers. (1901), later the 'The Valor Co.', Aston Brass Co., Wood Lane, Bromford, Birmingham, makers of oil lamps and stoves.  This shows the Valor shield inside an address plate under a room heater burner. (ack Michelle Von Memerty)
    Vapalux, Trade name of Willis and Bates of Halifax first used in 1938. 

In 1897, Alfred Bates relocated his metal spinnings company, Willis & Bates, to Halifax, Yorkshire, to serve the northern textile regions . Main products were street lighting units, spinnings for gas heated geysers and associated items. They soon expanded into the rapidly developing electrical industry, making mainly for General Electric Company and Holophane Ltd. and, after 1918 also components for Falk Stadelman Ltd and Drysdale Ltd (of Glasgow). From 1925 until 1938, all the lamp pressings used by Tilley, along with a floodlight, are designed and produced by Willis & Bates. The 'Vapalux' trade name was registered in 1938 for their own pressure lamps. After the war, work continued with many of Willis & Bates' pre-war customers, with the addition of Stotts of Oldham, Aladdin Industries, Allied Ironfounders Ltd and the Ministry of Defence. The lantern was marketed by Aladdin Industries under the trade name Bialaddin until 1970 when Willis and Bates started marketing again under the Vapalux brand. Willis and Bates was bought out by Bairstow Brothers (1985) Ltd., a Halifax family firm founded in the late 19th Century.

Photo wanted.

    Veritas Efsca Works, 84&5 Edward Street Parade, Birmingham (Falk Stedman Proprietors) Lampe Veritas
    Welco, more information needed
      Welsbach, more information needed on British factory.  This mark is on the filler cap of a heater with a circular wick.

  Carl Auer von Welsbach developed a durable mantle for lighting in Germany in 1885.  This was a cotton fabric net impregnated with a mixture of 99% Thoria (ThO2) and 1% Ceria (CeO2).

    Wright & Butler, 390, New John St. W. Birmingham, oil lamps with the American-style circular 'The Union Burner'. By 1913 they had been taken over by Falk Veritas of London but use of the Trade name continued. Wright and Butler
     Young’s Paraffin Light & Mineral Oil Co.,  13, Bothwell Street, Glasgow and  New Spring Street, Birmingham. Lamps and lamp burners.  Dr James Young started the first plant to produce paraffin (kerosene) from shale for oil lamps in Britain in 1848.
     ZC, more information needed
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